Bassoon tools

1Bassoon MandrelAc.157
2Handle for interchangeable mandrelAc.157a
3Set of 6 interchangeable mandrelsAc.157b
4Bassoon Mandrel in Baroque styleAC.157c
5Tablet for 18 mandrelsAc.157d
6Tablet with 13 fixed mandrelsAc.157e
7Adjustable octave insert removerAc.160
8Spring hookAc.161
9Borer 5 edgeAc.162
11Ebony cutting block 34 mmAc.171
12Ebony cutting block 38 mmAc.171a
13Convex plaque in burnished steel (lozenge)Ac.173
14Convex ebony plaqueAc.173a
15Brass wire 0,6 o 0,7 mmAc.177
16Ebony easelAc.178
17Ebony concav easelAc.178b
18Triangular metal plaqueAc.183
19Sword-shaped metal plaqueAc.184
20Rasp for finishingAc.188
21Arrow for bassoon cane tubes (3 cut)Ac.190b
22Plastic case for 8 english fagottoAs.300
23Wood case for 8 bassoon reedsAs.608
24Straight shaperTa.105
25Interchangeable shaperTa.128
26Handle for interchangeable shaper bassoon and c/bassoonTa.130


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