Oboe tools

1Oboe mandrelAc.154
2Oboe mandrel Baroque styleAc.154a
3Tablet for 18 oboe reedsAC.154d
4Tablet with 13 fixed mandrelsAc.154e
5Adjustable octave insert removerAc.160
6Spring hookAc.161
7Oboe and english horn scraperAc.163
8Rasp for finishingAc.165
9Ebony cutting block 25mmAc.169
10Ebony cutting block 30 mmAc.169a
11Ebony easelAc.170
12Ebony concav easelAc.170b
13Plaque in burnished steel (lozenge)Ac.172
14Convex plaque in burnished steel (lozenge)Ac.172a
15Convex ebony plaqueAc.172b
16Plaque in burnished steelAc.172c
17Convex ebony plaque (lozenge)Ac.172d
18Convex ebony plaque German styleAc.172e
19Brass wire � 0,3 o 0,4 mmAc.174
20Nylon thread (250 mt)Ac.174a
21Oboe cleanerAc.176
22Arrow for oboe cane tubes (3 cut)Ac.190a
23Plastic case for 12 oboe-reedsAs.200
24Plastic case for 4 oboe-reedsAs.204
25Wood case for 8 oboe reedsAs.408
26Straight shaperTa.103
27Interchangeable shaperTa.127
28Interchangeable shaper for oboe d amoreTa.127d
29Handle for interchangeable shaper oboe and english hornTa.129


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